District Advocacy

As a public-private partnership, GatewayJFK acts as a liaison to government agencies on behalf of the District, its members and the community. GatewayJFK is also the point of contact for government representatives, organizations, and individuals.

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GatewayJFK needs your help to keep a watchful eye over the District.

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NYC 311

NYC 311 service line provides a resource for assistance and general information outside of emergency situations requiring a 911 call.

311 reports matter, as they are used by each City agency to evaluate the needs of an area. If you don’t report it, it didn’t happen!

Attention Needed? Report it to 311 and to GatewayJFK!

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NYC DOT Reporting & Make Suggestions

The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) is responsible for many streetscape related issues.  In addition to 311 reporting, DOT has its own online portal to address concerns and consider suggestions from the public.


Illegal Dumping

It’s illegal to dispose of any material or debris by driving it and dumping it on any street, lot, park, public space – or any publicly or privately owned area.

Learn About Available Programs

  • Neighborhood Vacant Lot Cleanup Program

  • Illegal Dumping Award Program: Complete an affidavit after witnessing illegal dumping. When the lawbreaker is fined, the witness is eligible for 50% of the fine that the City collects. If the lawbreaker challenges the ticket at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) hearing, the witness must attend.

  • Illegal Dumping Tip Program: Anyone who tips off the City – so that we can catch an illegal dumper in the act – is eligible for a reward of up to 50% of the fine collected. The tipster’s identity remains confidential – so he or she won’t have to appear at an Environmental Control Board hearing.

Witness Illegal Dumping in Progress - Call 911


The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation plays an important role in a district’s streetscape, particularly as it relates to Street Trees and Sidewalk Repairs caused by City tree roots.  

In addition to making a 311 request, there are Alternative Actions, an individual constituent can take, they include:

Tree Planting: The constituent may request that a new tree be planted for free. Parks removes dead trees during the tree planting process. A new tree request can be submitted through 3-1-1 or on their website.

A Parks Forester will survey the site and inspect for any infrastructural conflicts that may interfere with the healthy growth of a new street tree. If the site is found to be suitable for a new tree, it will be planted during the next available planting season. We hold two planting seasons each year: one in the spring from March through June, and one in the fall from October through December. 

Tree Work Permit:  A no cost Parks Tree Work Permit is necessary for any tree work. More information about applying for a Tree Work Permit can be found on the NYC Parks website

NYC Parks Tree Time: Tree Time may also be able to assist you in removing the tree at this site. Tree Time, a program of NYC Parks in conjunction with the City Parks Foundation, provides various services for tax-deductible donations. For more information about Tree Time offerings, please email treetime@parks.nyc.gov or call (718) 361-8101.    

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We can follow-up and use our persistence to get things done.

Email  info@gatewayjfk.org with the Reference Number and any Supporting Documentation.

GatewayJFK Community Partners


GatewayJFK Community Partners is led by Spring Jam Civic Association and United Neighbors Civic Association of Jamaica to ensure a connection is strengthened between GatewayJFK and the southeast Queens community and its various organizations. We look to hold quarterly networking events to give information to the community on GatewayJFK activities and get feedback from the community.