District-Wide Services and Improvements

Since 2018, GatewayJFK has been working to enhance the quality of life in and around the off-airport community adjacent to JFK Airport in Springfield Gardens, Queens. We aim to provide workers, residents and visitors with a clean, safe and dynamic neighborhood. Following are some of the services we provide. 

GatewayJFK Shuttle 

Take advantage of the GatewayJFK Shuttle, a shuttle service for visitors, workers and residents to connect GatewayJFK to Downtown Jamaica and the Long Island Rail Road.

GatewayJFK Shuttle, powered by Dollaride, is a subsidized shuttle service to help workers commute from the Jamaica transit hub at Sutphin Boulevard to our bustling cargo, hotel, and commercial job center. GatewayJFK Shuttle’s Connection’s two vans operate every work day from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.  Riders request a pickup at a designated stop along the shuttle route on Sutphin Blvd to Rockaway Blvd to Guy Brewer Blvd, track the shuttle’s location, reserve a seat and digitally pay by using the Dollaride app on their mobile phone.

Public Safety I District Security

The GatewayJFK uniformed security officers work closely with the New York City Police Department, Queens Precinct 105 & Queens Precinct 113, to keep the District safe. The patrol is represented by a GatewayJFK vehicle covering the District 7-days a week in the evening hours from 7 PM – 1 AM on weekdays and 9 PM – 5 AM on weekends. Increased security and pedestrian area lighting are additional safety measures to be undertaken.

Sanitation Streetscape Maintenance & Snow Removal

The GatewayJFK sanitation and maintenance services provide a broad range of activities that address the public streetscape needs of the District.  On-going services include removal of all types of debris that go far beyond gum-wrappers.  Working with DSNY to identify “hot spots” for illegal dumping and to request assistance for the removal of large, hard to handle items. Seasonal activities include landscaping maintenance as well as snow removal at cross-walks and bus stops.

GatewayJFK also supplements DSNY snow plowing with snow removal services when a heavy snow storm warrants it.

Individual property graffiti removal services are available. Contact

Illegal Dumping

Beyond the everyday pick-up and coordination with DSNY- Sanitation Garage 13A located within the District to address illegal dumping, GatewayJFK seeks a partnership with the DSNY, NYPD, and the Queens District Attorney’s Office to investigate the use of Security Cameras and how they can act as a deterrent and provide supporting evidence for law enforcement.

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Community Support & Special Events

Community Support

Scholarship Programs


Special Events

Holiday Lighting 

Seasonal Clean-ups

Spring Jam Civic Assn. & United Neighbors Civic Assn Block Party 

Halloween Pop up | Thanksgiving Turkey Give-Away | Holiday Lighting 

On-Going Streetscape Fieldwork I Planning Studies

GatewayJFK recognizes the importance of the District’s infrastructure and its impact on the business and residential community as well as on visitors to the area. Efficiency, function, quality of life, and perception of the District must be at its best.  Our goal is to work with our government partners to ensure that what is broken is fixed immediately and over the long term, to develop a strategic plan for improvements district-wide.

Step 1 is to gather effective data, translate the data into mapping and other visualizations. Step 2 is fieldwork to verify and report status and condition. Step 3 is to work with City agency partners to establish a plan of action and follow-thru to ensure implementation.  As an on-going task, GatewayJFK’s annual budget supports this intensive effort.

On the ground fieldwork, NYC agency data spreadsheet file downloads from NYC Open Data, NYC Department of City Planning, Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping software such as ArcGIS are the resources and tools for this work.

GatewayJFK Streetscape Data & Maps 

More Mapping to Come:

  • Hydrants & Bollards 

  • Street Lighting | Utility Poles

  • Catch Basins

  • WayFinding Signs

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