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His name is Matthew G. Tremblay. His art, however, is a lot more difficult to define. Is he a sculptor? A jeweller? Or a designer? Probably a bit of all three. The man behind Rogue DZN (pronounced ‘Rogue Design’) has devoted his life to military-grade titanium. Its harshness, coldness and intransigence all feature in his designs of men's jewellery (rings, bracelets, pendants and chains), highlighting these qualities to the point of making the items perfect objects – objects of desire that don't adjust to their owner, but rather require their owner to get used to them.

"It's almost a paramilitary procedure," suggests Laurent Picciotto, official distributor of the brand. "The link with watchmaking is more evident than it might appear. Rogue offers perfect performance for each item, minimum tolerance, working with the same sort of specifications as for a watch."

Matt Tremblay doesn't take the analogy any further than that, though. At Rogue DZN, there are no set stones, no precious materials, no marketing trends: each item combines creativity, imagination and undoubtedly, feats of engineering in order to work with a hard alloy like titanium – more usually used in the aviation, aerospace and weapons industries. Those in search of glamour will not give his work a second glance.

Is Matt Tremblay an extremist? That's something each person has to make up their own mind about. Whatever you may decide, his items catch people's attention, with the perfection of their finish and their uncompromising design. Their appearance is so carefully worked on that they become a source of extraordinary fascination. You may not like Rogue DZN items, but one thing's for sure: you won't forget them. 

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Rogue Design - Pendentif Rogue Blocker titane

Pendentif Rogue Blocker titane

Rogue Design

Rogue Design - Rogue DZN Titane Clover Ring

Rogue DZN Titane Clover Ring

Rogue Design

Rogue Design - VX-Turbine


Rogue Design

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