Roland Iten, the extreme luxury of men's accessories


Roland Iten is to men's mechanics what the great manufacturers are to watchmaking: an innovative master whose legitimacy is no longer in dispute. Roland Iten has created his own commercial segment, his company, without really advertising, by playing the Swiss card to promote his craziest mechanisms, brought to a degree of excellence rarely achieved even by a concept watch. 
This gentleman, faithful to François-Paul Journe, measures to the micron for each of his parts the mechanism that will ensure with the greatest precision of deployment of a belt buckle, the ejection of the card from a card holder. The pieces created by Roland Iten all contain a mechanism worthy of fine watchmaking but applied by his Swiss company to male accessories made of titanium, steel, or even gold or diamonds - exactly as would the case of a Swiss luxury watch such as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Greubel Forsey, or François-Paul Journe. 

Originally from Lausanne, Switzerland

It is not in the Switzerland of fine watchmaking but not far from Lausanne, precisely in Mont sur Lausanne, that Roland Iten designs each high-precision belt mechanism. His company is independent and lives without any real advertising in Switzerland, on the sole basis of the data that his customers share with him about the excellence of each belt, each card holder, this mechanics created to measure for the gentleman connoisseur who instantly reacts to the precision of micro mechanics as he sees it at Jaeger LeCoultre, Greubel Forsey or François Paul Journe.
With Roland Iten, each deploying mechanism is treated with the highest precision, as a watchmaking company would do. With titanium and steel parts, Roland Iten's mechanics come to life. The data of each belt buckle or card holder component is examined and custom-made to bring to life mechanisms of rare finesse and complexity. 

At the same level as Fine Watchmaking

Roland Iten's concept immediately won over by its level of excellence. The very concept of a belt buckle or a high-precision card dispenser, worthy of watchmaking, convinced the gentleman connoisseur whose road stops not far from Lausanne, at Mont sur Lausanne. 
The map of Switzerland is rich in wealth that does not stop at the watchmaking of Jaeger-LeCoultre, François-Paul Journe or Greubel Forsey and Roland Iten has placed his company, without any advertising, on the map of excellence - "mechanical luxury", slips the English-speaking gentleman. Because the precision of each Roland Iten mechanism is a success that goes far beyond the borders of the Swiss map. Its mechanisms, its mechanics, give the measure of what an entrepreneur in Lausanne is capable of producing, in titanium or steel, with measure, care and precision, without the need to invest in advertising or to be mandated by the masters of fine watchmaking. 

In Bugatti's footsteps

As his company knows precisely the data that captivates the heart of the gentleman connoisseur, Roland Iten was able to design each belt mechanism or card holder with the degree of excellence of a Swiss luxury watchmaker, not in the Vallée de Joux but further afield on the map of Switzerland, in Mont sur Lausanne. 
While this gentleman knew the measure of Roland Iten's company's success, he overlooked the advertising made by his customers to launch into the construction of a new type of mechanism, particularly in connection with Bugatti, a company itself highly prized by the Swiss watch collector. Roland Iten's precision has also been applied to lace tips, cufflinks, always in titanium, steel, gold, set or not set as would be a Swiss haute horlogerie mechanical, from the company's workshops in Mont sur Lausanne. 
After the belt buckle and the card dispenser, it is thus possible to measure Roland Iten's Swiss talent, of each mechanism that his company creates with the greatest precision, reaching an ever-changing degree of micro-mechanical excellence. 

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Roland Iten RF81 FOU LACE

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